My Year in Review

Christmas Mug Shot

The Ayres Family Christmas Mug Shot

Last blog of 2010! Hard to believe it’s the end of another year & decade as well. Below is the annual Christmas letter I wrote, and thought maybe some of  my Facebook/Twitter/Blog friends might enjoy it. The following sums up my year pretty well:) Happy New Year!


  1. Family
  2. Friends

 Here we are at the end of another 365 days. Hope you enjoy our 2010 Christmas letter over a steaming cup of hot cocoa! I’m still in teacher mode so see how well you know the Ayres family with a multiple choice quiz.


  1. was mistaken for Goofy, Captain Jack, & the Beast on our Disney Wonder Cruise in January
  2. dragged us to Disney’s Star Wars weekend in May, & used ‘the force’ to transform us into Jedi fans (on Halloween, the girls even dressed up as Ahsoka and Amidala)
  3. served as last minute, last resort, stand-in groomsmen in my step-sister’s wedding in N. Carolina this July, once again receiving the honor of walking me down the aisle (thankfully, minus the fluorescent green tennis ball shoes this time)
  4. joined the circus in November


  1. is in my tenth year of teaching (seriously, where does the time go!?!)
  2. revised, revised, revised my never ending novel and will pitch to 3 agents in January (shameless plug: visit to learn moreJ)
  3. read an average of a novel a week this year (Facebook me if you need young adult book suggestions-I read what I write. . . The Hunger Games trilogy my fav so far)
  4. saddened to discover on our first trip to Savannah that all the sweet locals saying, “Well bless your little heart” weren’t really hospitable, but mocking me (but after being married to Dan for 12 yrs, I’m quite used to that, lol)


  1. participated in the Battle of the Books competition for school, is currently on the Odyssey of the Mind team, & earned straight A’s the whole year in 4th grade
  2. stood in line for six hours on her 10th birthday to get into opening day of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure (well worth the wait!)
  3. is in her last year of elementary school (which is why I cry every time I hear Taylor Swift’s song “Never Grow Up”)
  4. speaking of Taylor, KK memorized every single word to all her songs


 1.   lost more teeth than any 6-yr-old I know (which is really saying    something)

2. is cut off from buying any more Webkinz (Dad’s orders) after she purchased #41 (though she bypassed his rule by asking Santa for a reindeer one)

3. became even more obsessed with fashion when she discovered Justice

4. ran her first 5k & did such a great job, I’m hiring her as my personal trainer

 In closing, the Ayres family:

  1. Wishes you a Merry Christmas
  2. Prays for you to be happy, healthy, and safe in 2011
  3. Swears all of the above answers are true (okay, maybe Dan only went to the circus, but what’d you expect? I’m a writer, I make stuff up). ~Cheers, hugs, & God bless!!!

My List of Best and Worst Cartoons

Misty CareySo the whole change your profile pic to your favorite cartoon character these past few days on Facebook inspired this blog. Some are from my era and some I’ve endured these past 10 yrs as a mom.

Best Top 10: (No particular order)

Smurfs- can’t wait for the movie! Ashley still plays with Dan’s old Smurf toys. I wish I still had my Smurf raincoat to give her, it was way cool.

 TMNT-I’ll admit I didn’t watch this one growing up, Dan turned me onto it when he bought all the movies. Now it’s a standard Saturday morning cartoon in the Ayres household.

Muppet Babies-I loved all the adventures they had and would try to recreate them on my own, even had Muppet Babies curtains way past the age of appropriate, lol.

Fraggle Rock-the theme song will forever live on in my head. Dance your cares away, Worry’s for another day, Let the music play, Down at Fraggle Rock

Thunder Cats-hopefully another one that’ll be a movie soon

 My Little Pony-I’ll never forget coming downstairs Christmas morning when I was 5 yrs old to the huge My Little Pony castle Santa left under the tree.

Sponge Bob-I know many parents don’t like this one, but I can’t help myself–HILARIOUS!

 Strawberry Shortcake-Any cartoon where characters are named after deserts is gonna have me as a fan. Even the DVD’s smell like strawberries, sweet!

 Scooby Doo-just classic

 Space Ghost Coast to Coast-if you’ve never seen this one, check You Tube for their songs.

Top 10 Worst: (again, no particular order. Explanations on these are mainly just too annoying or too vulgar).

Hello Kitty (I know she’s cute, but the cartoon is like listening to nails on a chalkboard), Dora, The Simpsons (one of Dan’s favorites), Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead, Bratz, Metalocalypse, Caillou, and Peanuts. I’ll probably get into trouble for that last one, and I did love them growing up. But now that I have kids, I think it’s one of the worst because most of the characters are just so mean.

Feel free to agree or disagree and comment with your own suggestions!!