Ideas for Friday the 13th Family Fun

“It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend.” Um, sorry, when I think of Friday and Scary, I think of Rebecca Black’s song. Seriously though, if you want family fun ideas for Friday the 13th tonight, here’s some I’ve done with  my kiddos in the past.


Appetizers: Deviled Eggs & Witches Fingers (mini pigs in a blanket with a squirt of Ketchup on the tip)

Main Meal: Spooky Sandwiches (used a ghost cookie cutter from Halloween)

Dessert: I-Scream Sundaes with Monster Mash on top (used M&M’s, Peanuts, and Reeces Pieces)


Gotta suggest my childhood fave’s first: Goonies, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Bettlejuice, & Addams Family. Monster House and The Spiderwick Chronicles is another good one from recent years, and of course can’t leave out Harry Potter. If you’d rather play a game, how about Clue Jr.

Happy Friday the 13th all, may bad luck NOT be with you as it is with me (left school early with sick kid, but at least it gave me time to blog today).  And if you haven’t already, You Tube the Friday song–classic! I enjoyed Glee’s version of it this past week much better.

All I Want For Mother’s Day . . .

Every Mother’s Day (and virtually every holiday, birthday, anniversary), Dan has a hard time coming up with something to get me. I thought I’d take pity on him for the kids sake and post some recommendations for the three of them.

For Dan to wear something other than boxers around the house for this one day. (Yes, they are short-like but I have this feeling the girls will be horrified when they’re old enough to realize they were seeing their Dad in his underwear all these years).

For Ashley not to ask me to pull her finger the entire day (which will require great restraint and sacrifice for this silly 7-yr-old)

For Kaylee to figure out a magic formula to bypass all the query/synopsis/marketing strategies/competitive analysis/author bio’s/manuscript history, etc, ect  needed to submit a few sample chapters to a literary agent and just get me published already (what, she is a genius–I think she can, I think she can, I think she can).

For the kids to get along peacefully the WHOLE day (okay, if I could figure out a way to do that, I WOULD be published, lol).

So, whatdya think–am I too demanding? (Dan, you’re soooo not allowed to answer). HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL MY FELLOW MOMS (and especially my own).