Strong Am I With The Force

Seriously considering this pic for our Christmas card

There are times I’d like to throw hubby out with the trash;-)

Jar Jar in the house! Let’s get this party started:-) I don’t care what people say–I like him!

Emperor Palpatine–No! No! Noooo! Wait, how’d that get on my Blu-ray?

Hmmm, Birthday Party Games idea?

A.K.A. Luke, and look at those light sabers! There’s a scene in my book like this at their h.s. graduation. Oh wait, I don’t want to give away too much . . .

R2 Iron Man . . . making her own R2 will be my 12-yr-old daughter’s next science project. Please buy my book b/c it costs around $3,000, hahaha

Found out a little late she’s not appropriate for kids, oops!

Thank God she hasn’t asked for a metal bikini yet!

Steampunk love!

So that’s some highlights of Star Wars Celebration VI. We were lucky enough to only live three hours from Orlando to make the drive up. I’ll share some insights about it next Wednesday as part of Master Ninja Alex Cavanaugh’s IWSG. What about you? Did you do anything COOL this past weekend? Please share! And if you’re a Star Wars fan, you must check out this trailer for Seth Green’s new show, Star Wars Detours


Two weeks ago I was tagged by Marisa Cleveland, Krystal Wade, and Jessa Russo to participate in the LOOK Challenge.


According to the rules of the game, I’m supposed to search my work in progress for the first usage of the word “look,” paste the surrounding paragraph into my blog, and tag as many people as possible. Here’s a paragraph from my YA novel, 18 Things, released later this year by Curiosity Quills Press.

I notice then it looks like Conner’s not breathing. At all. I drop the phone, call still connected, inside the backpack and risk flipping the boat by pulling him up. The fourteen footer tilts and sways, almost dumping me. Breath floats around me as I pant from exertion. My mind flashes to when Conner and I were kids, obsessed with seeing our own air in winter. We’d down hot chocolate and run outside, blowing ‘smoke’ out of our mouths. Now, I can’t believe I have any warmth left in me to cause this phenomenon. One arm clings to the boat, the other to Conner as I haul him up, falling backwards. His body collapses on top of me. His face is chalk colored, like he’s dead.

What do ya think? Hope you enjoyed it:-) Now for the fun part of tagging others . . .

Tuere Morton


Jenny Morris

Janette Dolores

T.F. Walsh

On a sidenote, sorry for not visiting many blogs these past two weeks. I’ve been busy editing & writing, & drowning in teacher stuff now that school’s back in session . . . which is why I haven’t posted the past 2 weeks (don’t think it’s fair to post if I can’t comment/visit others in return). But I promise to be back next Wednesday with lots of pics from the Star Wars Celebration VI. Okay, I shouldn’t “promise” since there’s a hurricane headed straight for us!

~May the force be with you:-)

Winners, Blogiversary, & Anniversary!!!

H*A*P*P*Y 14th Anniversary to my husband, the wonderful Mr. Ayres. We have two daughters, a basset hound, and two hermit crabs together and somehow, he still makes me laugh on this crazy journey called life. Coincidentally, I also met him when I was 14 years old, on the first day of high school. Some of you have heard this, but I KNEW the moment I saw him that I’d marry him.  And although I tease him on bad days that it was the devil’s voice I heard, I know it was really God’s. I’m so thankful to have married my best friend and that he still loves me unconditionally:-)

It’s also my two-year blogiversary (really August 1st but I forgot last week during my Buccaneer blogfest wrapup). Soooo what better way to celebrate than by having a few frozen cocktails and  . . .

Cheers--Butterbeers For Everyone!

Cheers–Butterbeers For Everyone!

by giving away some books! If you commented last week, then you remember (maybe? if you’re like me, you can’t remember yesterday. I’ve tried taking pills for this problem but I can’t remember to take them;-) I’m giving away 5 YA books. According to my random student selector (yes, school did start today *sigh* but my students are pretty awesome), the winners are–






Congrats!!! *throws confetti* Please email me at by next Wednesday to claim your prize. Don’t forget to tell me which book you want: Candor, Subject Seven, Switched, Wake, or XVI.

Be sure to check back next Wednesday. I’ve been tagged by several for the “look” challenge so I’ll be giving you a sneak peek at my novel, 18 Things, which will be released soon by Curiosity Quills Press.  Please be sure to like my publisher on Facebook–we’re going for 50,000 or bust!

Buccaneer Blogfest and IWSG

*Scroll down if you’re here for IWSG, or read the first part too if you want to win some cool YA books*

Well, it’s been a nonstop joyride of swashbuckling fun this past month participating in the Buccaneer Blogfest. Many thanks to our charming rogue pirates Sharon Bayliss and Courtney Young. I know the last post is supposed to be on Friday but as a teacher, I’m back to school this week (hence, missing my post on Monday) and it’s just madness this time of year. Now I know I’ll have a blood debt to pay for this, so no worries, I’m giving away 5 books. Hosting a Rafflecopter or even adding a Google Friend Connect Widget seems super complicated on wordpress (anyone have tips they can share??) so instead I’ll use my trusty Mega Timer I utilize in my classroom. I’ll number the comments one through . . . well, however many people comment (you think we can beat my record of 55 comments from one post? Hmm, I wonder what Alex’s is? No doubt that’ll look pathetic next to his, lol), then I hit the random selector button and TA-DA! I’ll have 5 different winners and will announce them here next Wednesday as I return to my regular weekly schedule. Once I announce them, you’ll need to email me within 24 hrs and tell me which book you’d like. That means the early bird gets the worm . . . if someone else already emailed me and chose the book you wanted, you’ll have to pick your 2nd choice (sorry, Charlie!). Here are the books I’m giving away from my bookshelf (all YA paranormal/fantasy/science fiction and in great condition).

by Lisa McMann, even autographed!

by Lisa McMann, even autographed!

by Amanda Hocking, the exemplar of self-publishing eBooks

by Amanda Hocking, the exemplar of self-publishing eBooks

by James A. Moore, twice nominated for Bram Stroker Award & writer for Marvel Comics

by James A. Moore, twice nominated for Bram Stroker Award & writer for Marvel Comics

by Pam Bachorz, loved the FL setting & twisted ending

by Pam Bachorz, loved the FL setting & twisted ending

by Julia Karr, this one is my fav out of the five

by Julia Karr, this one is my fav out of the five

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog during the month of July . . . somehow I reached the 1,000 followers mark during it *throws confetti* Quite a few from other countries too like Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland and Ireland! Yay:-) I’d love it if you gave me a follow before entering the contest, or visit the Follow Me button at the top of my site for other choices at stalking me;-)








Okay, now it’s time for Alex J. Cavanaugh’s IWSG! This is my first one since my pub deal (since I missed July’s posting).

According to the Ninja Master’s website, the Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

Oh my gosh, soooo insecure about publishing my first novel, 18 Things, with Curiosity Quills Press soon! You know how they have the 7 Stages of Grief? I think writers go through something similar:
Step 1: Excitement–the OMG moment where someone FINALLY offers you a contract for publishment *squeal*
Step 2: Shock–your body goes numb & nothing going on around you registers
Step 3: Disbelief–nope, this can’t be for real. They made a mistake. They’ll be calling any minute now to retract their offer.
Step 4: Bargaining–Oh God, I’ll give anything for this to be real. I won’t yell at my husband anymore for never putting his dirty socks in the laundry basket. I’ll have more patience for my kids and students. I’ll walk the dog 3x a day. I’ll treat my body like a holy temple & won’t consume massive amounts of chocolate. Just please, please, please let this happen! (say allllllllll of this with your fingers & toes crossed in the prayer position)
Step 5: Guilt–how did I sign a contract before this totally AWESOME blogger buddy who writes waaayyy better than I do? That’s not fair!
Step 6: Acceptance–reality sets in & you remember everything happens for a reason & God has finally given you your shining moment
Step 7: Hope–that everyone (mostly) will fall in love with your novel when they read it and post rocking reviews
This quote I read sums it up nicely:
“A person who publishes a book appears willfully in public with his pants down.” – Edna St. Vincent Millay
*What about you, dear writers? Do you agree with my 7 stages? Have any stages to add? Comments make me smile:-)
~Cheers & Go Team USA!!! I have a major case of Olympics LOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!