Making My List and Checking It Twice!

Yesterday my 11-yr-old blogged about the perfect gift . . . and to my surprise, instead of naming the top 5 gadgets she wants or something along those lines, she wrote about Jesus (yep, I cried). I commented on her blog that I’ve actually had 4 different perfect gifts in my lifetime: Jesus, my hubby, her, and her sister. Without those 4 people, I have nothing. But it got me thinking . . . what would be on my wish list for “perfect” gifts, even if they are impossible?

1) For Magic to be real . . . particularly the ability to fly on a broomstick. (Airfare is just too darn expensive and I have family & friends spread all around the world I don’t get to see nearly enough).

2) To eat Norman Love Chocolates every day and not gain a single ounce! (Dan was almost sent there again today on another assignment but ended up at the Red Sox Stadium instead, DOH!)

3) To become a NY Times Best Selling Author . . . like the ones I go to the book store for at midnight so I can read their latest release from cover to cover in 24 hours, sporting my homemade fan T-shirt the whole time (ok, my fab sister made it b/c I’m not that crafty, but still. Oh, maybe I should add being crafty to my list? Hmmm).

4) To have a Barnies┬ábarista in my home making me Santa’s White Christmas Freezers all day, all year-long (it may be good we don’t always get what we wish for . . . I had to cut back on my coffee intake a few months ago when I thought I may have developed an early case of Parkinson’s . . . turns out many of those same symptoms can be attributed to too much caffeine–oops!)

5) To live in Stars Hallow, which may prove difficult since it is a fictional town featured in Gilmore Girls (anyone else still obsessed with watching reruns of this show?)

6) World Peace (That’s always just a good one to throw in, right?)

7) A perfect gift granted for all my family & friends . . . so what are you waiting for? Tell me what it’d be, just incase we discover magic is real & I can become a Wish Fairy;)