Kaylee’s First Blog



My ten-year-old had to write a blog in her technology class for school. Below is what she came up with, and I was so impressed I told her to post it on mine:) Enjoy her book review!

I just read the world’s best book ever!!! Okay maybe it wasn’t the best but it was super awesome! It was The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. I have every single one of his books. But this was definitely his best work! In this one Percy Jackson {son of Poseidon} goes missing! And a boy named Jason suddenly appears on a bus. He has no memory what-so-ever. But everyone knows who he is. To get his memory back from the Queen of the gods he goes on a quest to free her. But there is LOADS of trouble along the way. He and his friends almost become a tasty meal for a family of cyclops. Then Leo’s (Jason’s friend) dragon crashes into a fancy house. Just getting to the door is an impossible challenge from all the booby traps. But being in there is even worse than being outside. Inside a man turns Jason’s friends into gold by touching them. Then he gets caught in a deadly shopping mall. I know what you’re thinking, a deadly shopping mall? How can a shopping mall be deadly? But in the mall a lady “charm speaks” them, telling Jason to kill his best friend! But these aren’t even the worst challenges on the way! Will Jason ever rescue the queen of the gods and get his memory back? Read The Lost Hero to find out! {And don’t forget to comment on my first blog!} 

The Lost Hero