I’m Baaaaaaaaack (with a book review)

So I totally apologize for going AWOL these past few weeks. Had to take care of some unexpected family biz, as in my middle school daughter having major anxiety attacks (no worries, got her permission to say this). She’s struggled with anxiety for a long time and usually keeps it under wraps pretty well but it decided to rear its ugly head as of late . . . it’s partly hormonal & partly b/c of the FCAT (our standardized testing in FL). Luckily, she’s getting better with counseling, lotsa prayers, deep breaths, a healthier diet and some remedies we found at our local natural foods market. I asked her if she had any advice for those reading who may be suffering anxiety attacks themselves and she said, “Start a God box!” This was her counselor’s idea. The idea is to take an empty shoebox and decorate it, leaving a tiny slot in the top. Then whatever you are worrying about, write it on a slip of paper and place it inside the box . . . a concrete symbol of giving it over to God.

Anyways, to my Kind, Artistic, Yammering, Loveable, Enthusiastic, Earnest daughter ( and yessssss, I did just spell out an acrostic poem of your name with adjectives b/c I’m cOOl like that), I dedicate this song to you . . . I hope you dance.

Now the other thing keeping me busy as of late is Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instrument series. I’ve read the first four, and can’t wait for book 5 due out in May.

City of Lost Souls

While I’m waiting I picked up the prequel, Clockwork Angel. Just finished that one tonight and ran out to Target to buy Clockwork Prince, the sequel to the prequel, lol. I’ve loved all of them and here’s why: it has everything I think a YA book should have in it:

  • The Goal & Conflict is real to age group, but doesn’t feel YA. I’ve recommended it to many non-writing friends my age (30+) and they are devouring it just like me
  • Dialogue! Dialogue! Dialogue! Especially between Clary and Jace (anyone else speed reading ahead to get to one of their scenes?)
  • Clare’s nailed that elusive writer’s voice!
  • Fabulous male and female protagonists as well as ‘sub’ characters
  • Originality–I’ve never read anything like it before
  • Setting–there are many of them across the series and I’m drawn into each one-they have emotional mood and tone
  • There’s immediate conflict in each book but although the pacing is quick, it’s not too fast
  • Even though it’s an urban fantasy series, it deals with stuff happening right now in the world of teens: high societies, sexual orientation confusion, fitting in, scandals, fighting (lots of that), death, bff relationships changing, romantic conflicts, lack of attention from parentals, ect . . .

Soooooooooo how about you? Have you read The Mortal Instruments series? If not, what are you waiting for? It’s not too late to read all of them before book 5 comes out (btw, 6 are planned for the series). Rumor on IMDb says they’ve already cast Clary and Jace for the movie!

And THe WinnER is . . . (& IWSG)

*drumroll please*

KACIA MURPHY–Congrats, you’re the lucky winner of the Easter Basket Full of YA Books Giveaway.

I’ll email you with the dets!

Thanks to all who follow my blog and for the 25 people who played along–you are all roCK stARs in my book:) Feel free to grab the Liebster Blog award below if you participated in my giveaway (aren’t award badges waaaayyyyyyyy fun?!). Thanks to Kirsten from Write a Book with Me for passing it to me.

Alex Cavanaugh’s  IWSG post is pretty short for me this month since I’m at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort as I type this. My dad and his family are visiting from Michigan and we definitely had a magical day! So anyways, plenty of insecurities this past month as I wait for feedback on my book from dream agent and hoping it’ll be finally be ready to send out to those 3 editors that requested it at the conference I attended at the end of February. Hopefully polished work is better than late work? Any thoughts on this?

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