Posters You Had On Your Wall As A Teen?

My Poster

 So I’m on about revision/almost total rewrite of my second novel *feel scream rising in throat* and I’m in one of my character’s rooms (in my  head, I know they aren’t real, but I do get attached. Random side note: When Vaughn ‘died’ on Alias, Dan bought me flowers and a condolence card) Annnnnnd we’re back . . . in one of my character’s rooms and wondering, what posters would they have in here?

I walked into my daughter’s room for inspiration. She has LOTS of Harry Potter, then one Narnia, Twilight (more for my benefit than hers, so I can come in and drool at Rob whenever I want since Dan wouldn’t let me hang one in ours), High School Musical (again, more for my benefit, so I can stare at Zac whenever I wish), Transformers (again, so I can smile at Shia, well, you get the point–you’re not as slow as I am), Percy Jackson, Hannah Montana, and then some motivational sayings like,  “Be someone others admire. Be someone you admire” (I LOVE that one!).

But she’s a preteen, not quite there yet. So help me out peoplez! The only posters I remember hanging on my wall were NKOTB (again, preteen) and then one that said, “Racism Sucks” in big white block letters with a total black background. I was protesting all the haters out there. Nothing like making a political statement in your bedroom where no one will see it but hey, I was gonna change the world back then! (Maybe I still might, ya never know).

N-E-Ways, suggestions pleeeeaaase!