My Bucket List

Last night I watched my friend Monique Whan shave her head with 45 other momma’s on the Stand Up To Cancer special. Her son, Caleb, was 4-years-old when he lost his battle to cancer.

Part of Caleb’s story provided inspiration for my young adult series, Sarah’s Road. In book #2, Sarah’s Yield, one of the main characters is diagnosed with leukemia and makes a bucket list of 21 Things To Do Before 21.  As I watched the special, I started contemplating my own 21 Things and here’s what I came up with:

Take the girls to Washington DC to show them the enormity of sacrifice for our freedom

Become fluent in another language

Go back to college

Run a mile in 7 minutes

Learn to play the piano

Help Dan make a movie (even if it only plays on YouTube:)

Move to a Stars Hallow equivalent

Camp out under the stars, no tent, just the sleeping bag and me

Be more patient

Go to Africa to meet Maculate

Sponsor another child

Own a paddle boat (yup, I’m small town country at heart;)

Run the Australian Outback Marathon (with Ayers Rock as its backdrop, how perfect!)

Take up rollerblading with Dan again

Go to the Harry Potter premiere in England for the last movie

Buy less, invest in people and causes more

Retire and become a full time cruiser!

Take more pictures!!! And actually print them for the scrapbook, LOL

Remember names

Help Kaylee and Ashley realize their dreams


. . . So that’s all folks! What’s on your life list–inquiring minds want to know!!!

4 comments on “My Bucket List

  1. Take me with you to the HP premiere….. 🙂

    I have to think on my bucket list. I think it’s short, and probably too selfish…..

    Happy kids and hubby in our HOUSE that we can live comfortably in where I take pictures instead of grades.

    Like that?

  2. Jamie – this video is so moving. It was have been so incredible to see your friend do this. What a blessing to witness such a touching moment in these women’s lifes! Oh and love your bucket list – guess I best be working on mine to share with you as well! Love you…

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