A Four Letter Word

This month, one four letter word in particular crept into my vocabulary often. Save. Did you automatically think of a different four letter word? HA! Caught ya! As a mother of two young children, I try to keep my blogs PG (my young adult books, another story sometimes). But onto the why of S-A-V-E. A few weeks ago, our dog was viciously attacked by a pit bull, causing about $3,000 in medical bills and counting. So we’ve had to save a lot of money we’d otherwise spend. Of course, that didn’t stop me from hitting up the Borders going-out-of-business sale yesterday. But I digress. Save hasn’t just come up at home, but at school as well. This month I read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson. It tells his personal story of how he’s come to build over 50 schools, especially for girls, in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I shared his mission with my class last week during our cultural heritage celebration on St. Patrick’s Day, and brought in a MONSTROUS glass jar to collect pennies to help build more schools. In a week, the students have already managed to fill the jar halfway!

Something else that happened this month was my cousin, Kristeen, visited from Michigan. She is the one whose seven  year old son, Blake, is suffering a relapse from his cancer. Another definition of ‘save’ is in the spiritual sense. It’s only been their faith in Jesus that’s given them the strength to endure this difficult journey once again. Oh, and great family:) Her twin sister and step mother have stepped in to ‘save the day’ so to speak. They’re putting on a Spaghetti dinner/auction on Saturday night since Blake has missed lots of school during his treatment, and because of a stroke, he attends a special educational program called Orton Gillingham. It has been very effective and his family hopes he can continue. Unfortunately the program costs $2,000 for every 50 sessions. Blake’s family hopes fundraisers will help them continue his education in the program. Now I know we can’t all travel to Michigan for the event, but a fund for Blake has also been established at Fifth Third Bank for anyone who would like to contribute. Just tell them you’d like to give to the fund set up for Blake Hulliberger and they can look it up in their system! How easy is that?! “But don’t you know we’re in a recession! I’d love to help but I can’t!” I understand, but any amount helps, right? I mean, my class is helping to build schools with pennies! I think we all sort of cringe at the thought of asking for or receiving donations. I know my cousin is humbled by the experience. But I’ll leave you with a verse from Philippians 4: “Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Can I get a whoot, whoot!!

5 comments on “A Four Letter Word

  1. I was amazed at the generosity of the Greenville Community who have donated a tremendous amount of goods and services. Erica has posted them on her facebook page. These are the Mom & Pop businesses not the Meijer and Walmart and JC Penny who have a presence there as well. I hope there are enough people attending the event who will participate in the auction of the items donated. My sister Deb is cooking spaghetti and working the event! Wish I could be there to eat it!

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