All I Want For Mother’s Day . . .

Every Mother’s Day (and virtually every holiday, birthday, anniversary), Dan has a hard time coming up with something to get me. I thought I’d take pity on him for the kids sake and post some recommendations for the three of them.

For Dan to wear something other than boxers around the house for this one day. (Yes, they are short-like but I have this feeling the girls will be horrified when they’re old enough to realize they were seeing their Dad in his underwear all these years).

For Ashley not to ask me to pull her finger the entire day (which will require great restraint and sacrifice for this silly 7-yr-old)

For Kaylee to figure out a magic formula to bypass all the query/synopsis/marketing strategies/competitive analysis/author bio’s/manuscript history, etc, ect  needed to submit a few sample chapters to a literary agent and just get me published already (what, she is a genius–I think she can, I think she can, I think she can).

For the kids to get along peacefully the WHOLE day (okay, if I could figure out a way to do that, I WOULD be published, lol).

So, whatdya think–am I too demanding? (Dan, you’re soooo not allowed to answer). HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL MY FELLOW MOMS (and especially my own).

6 comments on “All I Want For Mother’s Day . . .

  1. LOL, Atleast they are boxers!! Heehee. And your wish for both girls to get along with each other is what I ask for every year, but to this date it remains ungiven. Good luck to both of us for that one this year.Happy Mommy’s day.

  2. I think you may have to get rid of one of them for a day for the fighting to stop…maybe the older one that wants to come and babysit my three for the day…oh…whoops…there I go getting demanding…LOL!!! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!! You make me laugh…miss you and all my buddies at school!!!

  3. Happy Mothers Day! We love you even though you are so demanding. Hope you had a good day and enjoyed your gifts. I didn’t wear my boxers around the house for you today, but I think I will wear them when we go to dinner tonight!

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