The Power of Ugly

The past three days we took a mini vacay to O-town and visited the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios to celebrate Kaylee’s 11th birthday (ahhhh, I’m too young to be the parent to a tween, lol). But that’s not the power of ugly . . . it’s actually the book I read in the car (don’t worry, Dan drove). It’s written by Pastor Jamie Stilson, but you might be surprised that it’s not preachy at all. Instead, as it states on the cover, it’s “a celebration of earthly spirituality.” His humorous stories bearing all this uglies kept me amused over the three hours there and the three hours back and caused Dan to ask many times, “What’s so funny?” But there were also many poignant stories– keep a box of tissues nearby. So check out The Power of Ugly . . . the link is below. I think you’ll be surprised in a good way, whether you’re a Christian or not. This was Pastor Jamie’s first book, but I hope it won’t be his last!!

4 comments on “The Power of Ugly

  1. It sounded like a good book in the car. Maybe I can see if Jamie is going to narrate a books on tape version so I don’t have to make you keep explaining the stories to me while I am driving.

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