The Rocky Tale of Dio Franklin. . .

This month I’m participating in Deana Barnhart’s “Gearin’ Up to Get an Agent” Blogfest (to learn more visit This seemed like the perfect thing for me since I just completed my novel the first weekend in July:) This week’s assignment is to continue a story chain that started at 5am today and will continue until 8am tomorrow! Below you’ll find the link to the writer that posted before me, my continuation, then the writer that continued what I wrote. I encourage you to visit their blogs and support aspiring authors like myself:):):)

My assignment: Expand on the post before yours, but add dialogue. The words I must use are: hissy fit, drawer, ghost.

The necklace was tucked away safely underneath her shirt, like all the memories surrounding her mother’s death were safely locked away in the desk drawer back home.

“That’s a nice pendant,” Roddern noted while they continued through the faerie forest.

“My mother gave it to me,” Dio answered, forcing a small faux smile as her insides winced at the painful emotions of the past. 

A sound loud as thunder echoed through the forest and a blue being popped into sight before their eyes. Dio screamed.

“Don’t have a hissy fit,” Roddern ordered. “It’s just one of the ghosts. They are helpers that show up at the forest when everything seems to be falling apart.”

Dio sucks in a deep breath, letting go of her panic and studying the ghost. He was a deep blue, and she thinks of her blue pillowcase back home. He looks just as inviting as her comfortable old pillow. Pillow. She laughs, thinking of the fluffy yellow pillow she left behind just moments before. Roddern is something else. (Read on here!)

14 comments on “The Rocky Tale of Dio Franklin. . .

    • HA! I had to use the word ‘ghost’ in my assignment so I thought, might as well bring in a literal ghost:) Wow, talk about writing on a deadline. Fun and nerve-racking at the same time.

  1. He sure is something else, this Roddern character is sounding hotter and hotter with each part of the story lol. Love the blue ghost idea.

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