Posters You Had On Your Wall As A Teen?

My Poster

 So I’m on about revision/almost total rewrite of my second novel *feel scream rising in throat* and I’m in one of my character’s rooms (in my  head, I know they aren’t real, but I do get attached. Random side note: When Vaughn ‘died’ on Alias, Dan bought me flowers and a condolence card) Annnnnnd we’re back . . . in one of my character’s rooms and wondering, what posters would they have in here?

I walked into my daughter’s room for inspiration. She has LOTS of Harry Potter, then one Narnia, Twilight (more for my benefit than hers, so I can come in and drool at Rob whenever I want since Dan wouldn’t let me hang one in ours), High School Musical (again, more for my benefit, so I can stare at Zac whenever I wish), Transformers (again, so I can smile at Shia, well, you get the point–you’re not as slow as I am), Percy Jackson, Hannah Montana, and then some motivational sayings like,  “Be someone others admire. Be someone you admire” (I LOVE that one!).

But she’s a preteen, not quite there yet. So help me out peoplez! The only posters I remember hanging on my wall were NKOTB (again, preteen) and then one that said, “Racism Sucks” in big white block letters with a total black background. I was protesting all the haters out there. Nothing like making a political statement in your bedroom where no one will see it but hey, I was gonna change the world back then! (Maybe I still might, ya never know).

N-E-Ways, suggestions pleeeeaaase!

7 comments on “Posters You Had On Your Wall As A Teen?

  1. My daughter has a black & white Bruno Mars poster of him sitting at the piano. You have to think about what music your character would listen to–R & B, pop, rock. One thing they caution against is putting bands and movies in your ms because it will date the book (like putting NKOTB, which I totally had on my wall, too!). Unless you go with someone timeless like the Beatles, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean (I had James Dean posters on my wall in high school). Again, it depends on your character.

    My daughter also has sayings on her wall like: “I’m not weird, I’m limited edition.” and “I’ve stopped listening, why are you still talking?” and “So left it’s right.”

    Oh, and because I was emo before there was emo, I had candles everywhere and poetry taped to my wall – some of my own plus Edgar Allen Poe and Sylvia Plath quotes. I was too emo for words. LOL

  2. I had pictures of Michael J Fox and Kurt Cameron and girls I wished I looked like so that will be no help…WAY out dated.Paige took down her posters, but has a few sticker decals and plaques on her walls: Carpe Diem, Hope is where the story begins, Always Kiss me Goodnight..etc. She has a collage of photos on her door of her through the years with family and her with her buddies. She also has a collage of sticky notes that have lines from songs that she loves. Avery at one time had up her artwork and awards. Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks chickas:):):):) These were really helpful! Risa, I’m looking for ideas for both. Danielle, I LOVED poetry and James Dean in high school, too. I love that quote your daughter has about being a limited edition. Hmmm, I’ll have to see if there’s a T-shirt out there that says that, or ask Misty to make me one;) Kim, I like your comment about song lyrics. That’d fit my male protagonist perfectly! And Kaylee, looks like you won the contest for most blog comments today (again) *typed with a proud Mama smile.

    • Spencer has all soccer and football posters. Alex is all fancy sports cars (and one army) right now. MINE used to be Duran Duran WAYYY back when. 🙂 There was no wall space to be found.

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