And THe WinnER is . . . (& IWSG)

*drumroll please*

KACIA MURPHY–Congrats, you’re the lucky winner of the Easter Basket Full of YA Books Giveaway.

I’ll email you with the dets!

Thanks to all who follow my blog and for the 25 people who played along–you are all roCK stARs in my book:) Feel free to grab the Liebster Blog award below if you participated in my giveaway (aren’t award badges waaaayyyyyyyy fun?!). Thanks to Kirsten from Write a Book with Me for passing it to me.

Alex Cavanaugh’s  IWSG post is pretty short for me this month since I’m at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort as I type this. My dad and his family are visiting from Michigan and we definitely had a magical day! So anyways, plenty of insecurities this past month as I wait for feedback on my book from dream agent and hoping it’ll be finally be ready to send out to those 3 editors that requested it at the conference I attended at the end of February. Hopefully polished work is better than late work? Any thoughts on this?

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7 comments on “And THe WinnER is . . . (& IWSG)

  1. You are very welcome!
    Congrats on the great blog, and keep us posted on your agent feedback. I’m sure everyone will love your story!
    As a slow reviser myself, my vote goes to the polished work. 🙂 I would rather have my work look its very best, than send out something sloppy just to meet an arbitrary deadline.

  2. You know how long agents and editors take to respond to things. Their sense of time is different from ours. Only you think it’s taking forever, to them it’s totally normal. 🙂

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