What Are Your Genre Favs?

Oh, I love a good blogfest, and today, Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting one! *Squee*
(P.S. I’m sure you guys are tired of me squee-ing all over my blog, but I’m just an excitable person!)
One blogfest, four favorites!
List your favorite genre of:
And a guilty pleasure genre from any of the three categories!
Movie: Good-hearted Fun
Not sure if that’s an actual genre, if not, then I’m making it up (we’re writers, it’s what we do, hahaha).
Most of my favs probably border on stupid funny. Give me flicks like The Princess Bride, Nacho Libre, Napoleon Dynamite, Baby Mama, Spaceballs, The Jerk, Mystery Men (pretty much anything with Ben Stiler in it), and Elf (totally should’ve won an Oscar IMHO).
Music: Christian Rock
Okay, go ahead and poke fun at me! This one was a bit harder since I really listen to everything, but mainly the local Christian station because as their slogan states, “It’s safe for the little ears in your family,” and well, I like to shelter my children! As a teacher, I can tell  you that we don’t have enough innocence and wonder left in kids these days. There are no more mysteries, they know it all. Okay, I’ll stop preaching. Some of my favs I like to rock out to are: Building 429, Barlow Girl, Need to Breathe, Newsboys (seen them so many times in concert I feel like they’re my distant cousins), Third Day, Skillet, and Superchick.
Books: Everything YA
Especially paranormal and fantasy. If you need some good picks, I recommend The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices Series, The Hunger Games and Harry Potter (obviously), The Cambion Chronicles, Soul Screamers books, The Sweet Trilogy, Divergent Trilogy, Halflings Series, and The Kane Chronicles (and yes, all of those have at least a wee-bit of romance in them–every good book does!)
Okay, now for a guilty pleasure from any of these categories.
Johnny Stecchino
Johnny Stecchino is a 1991 Italian comedy film directed by and starring Roberto Benigni (the guy who won an Oscar for Life is Beautiful and stood on the back of the chairs and applauded. He’s one wild & crazy guy!)
Johnny Stecchino is about a kindhearted but bumbling idiot who likes to steal bananas.
I recommend inviting your friends over for banana splits and watching the movie.
Trust me, you’ll be ROTFL:-)
So, dear friends, what are your favorites?

19 comments on “What Are Your Genre Favs?

  1. “…If not, then I’m making it up (we’re writers, it’s what we do, hahaha).”

    I wanted to high five you for this! LOL

    Anyway, yes, yes, yes! Christian Rock is my absolute favorite. Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Barlowgirl, Red, Superchick, etc. ❤

  2. So sad that there isn’t any innocence and wonder left in kids these days. 😦
    This is a hard blog fest for me because I really do love everything–fantasy movies and books, sci fi, romantic comedies, thrillers, suspense, a little bit of horror. I like rock, techno, folk, oldies, soundtracks …
    I guess I really need to focus!
    And don’t ever stop ‘squee-ing’! 🙂

  3. Okay…I’m a HUGE fan of a bunch of the YA books you named. LOVE Cassandra Clare. But I haven’t read The Cambion Chronicles, Soul Screamers books, The Sweet Trilogy,Halflings Series or The Kane Chronicles. Since we seem to have pretty similar tastes, I’ll have to check those out. Thanks for the book recommendations! 🙂 And you have a new follower, just for having such amazing taste in books.

  4. Fantasy is a genre I haven’t read much of, though I’m more likely to pick up a fantasy if it’s like the Narnia series (starting in this world and turning into a fantasy world) or based in a world similar to our own, but with fantasy or fairytale-like elements. For the two fantasy books in my YA Lit Class, I chose the graphic novel Anya’s Ghost (which is really more like a contemporary story with a strong paranormal element, but the professor had it in the sci-fi/fantasy category) and Princess of the Midnight Ball, which is The Twelve Dancing Princesses from the prince’s (third-person) POV.

  5. Books: Romantic Suspense and YA mostly! Celestra series from Addison Moore!!! Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis, several series by Christy Reece (Cambion series and Cassandra Clare series that you mentioned) and I loved Born to Darkness by Suzanne Brockmann! 🙂 I get great romance ideas from other blogs too.

    Music: pop/rock and Christian (Daughtry & Casting Crowns are my faves)

    Movies: Romantic Comedy (love to go with my girlfriends and LMAO!) The Proposal, This Means War and Mother in law are some of my favorites (and of course I love Hunger Games and Twilight) LOVED Princess Bride btw!!!!! My sister used to watch her fall down the hill and rewind her back up the hill and down… Yeah that’s how we roll (or she does!)

  6. Hi Jamie!! Sorry it’s taken me soooo long to get over here. I always read your posts via email on my phone and it’s harder to comment that way. BUT I hopped over on my laptop to say hi! I love those kinds of movies too. Nothing cheers me up like Naopleon Dynamite!! 🙂

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