OH, CRAP! Insecure Writer’s New Year’s Post


When I look back at my 2012 resolution, it was to get my YA novel, 18 Things, published.

But honestly? I never thought this day would come! Nooo, not because I’m wacky enough to believe Dec. 21st was going to be the end of the world (well, okay, some nights when I had way too much chocolate and a gallon of coffee, I might’ve listened to my brother’s entertaining conspiracy theories). But I’m talking about the day I finally announce the release date for my novel.


Sure, I prayed for it, counted minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, 3 years off my calendar waiting for the day when I could finally call myself a published author. Now it’s here. And I know 13 is an ‘unlucky’ number, but I’ve got a feeling 2013 is gonna be a good year, a gOOd, GooD year (I always liked an underdog!).


I’m so blessed I cringe at the thought of asking for anything from anyone. But another blogger reminded me today that God’s blessings aren’t limited and someone isn’t lacking because I’m not. So I’m putting this out to the universe . . . would any of you be interested in an interview, a guest post by me, a book review, or maybe just featuring my cover image, promotional blurb, and author bio on your site? Your interest and support really mean a lot to me. If you’d like to help, please let me know in the comments below, or email me through the Contact Me tab above^ (P.S. If you’re visiting for the first time and have no clue what 18 Things is about, you can also visit the About Me tab for the dets ^)

Getting my book out there is just a small part of what I hope to accomplish in 2013. I’d also love to be a blessing to other bloggers, so please know I will pay it forward. It may take me awhile to repay everyone, but I promise to do it sometime in 2013! And the first person I’m starting with is Sharon Bayliss, my publishing sister who hosted the contest on her blog that led my editor to my book. Today, Sharon is revealing the cover for her debut novel. Here it is *drumroll please*

The Charge Cover copy

Really draws you in, doesn’t it? Yes, we both have a fondness for blue and lightning, lol! Here’s the blurb . . . you’re gonna want to add this to your TBR list!

What if Texas never joined the United States, and instead became its own nation? 

In The Charge that’s exactly what happened. In the 1830s, the Republic of Texas was taken over by a dictator with superhuman powers who named himself the first King of Texas. Eighty years later, the Texas Empire has fallen into ruin, but the story of the Texas royal dynasty is far from over.

College freshman Warren King wants nothing more than to enjoy a beer by the pool on his summer break…but that’s not what fate has in store for him. When Texas soldiers kidnap his little brother, he embarks into a still-wild West to save him.  While fumbling through a search attempt in the lawless Texas Empire, he makes a discovery that changes his life forever. He and his brother are estranged members of the Texas royal family and the King wants them both dead.  Now Warren must save his brother and choose whether or not to be King, follow a King, or die before he can retire his fake ID.

The Charge was a quarterfinalist for the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and won a Publisher’s Weekly review:

“A solid cast of well-developed characters, including a “super-tall” royal Texan family, stars in this thrill ride of a novel teetering between sci-fi adventure and alternate historical epic…Easily shifting between characters’ perspectives, and relentless in its action, well-placed humor, and suspense, this manuscript is a delight.”

The Charge will be available in digital and print formats from Curiosity Quills Press on Texas Independence Day, 3/2/13. Go to www.facebook.com/thechargebook for updates.

So friends, what are your goals for 2013? Maybe read more YA books? (Hey, they have lots of inspiring heroes! I’m not just throwing this out there b/c I write YA novels. No, no, no, that would be self-serving. At least I didn’t suggest that one of your goals should be to read 18 Things *coughs*) 

Ha! Whatever your thoughts are for 2013, don’t let unfinished goals from 2012 hold you back. A lot of times our dreams aren’t fulfilled not because of our performance, but because of timing. We don’t know the details of our lives, so we have to step out in faith. Have faith with me that 2013 will be a lucky year!

If you’d like to join the Insecure Writer’s Support Group with our head Ninja Captain, visit Alex J. Cavanaugh!



50 comments on “OH, CRAP! Insecure Writer’s New Year’s Post

  1. HI. I would be more than happy to do a post on you for my blog. I don’t have a huge following as of yet but it can’t hurt right?

    I do a fun fact Friday post that would be perfect to debut you and your book. I write romance and therefore I focus more on romantic themes.

    So I’d love to have some random fun facts about you – we can do interview style or whatever you think. I am getting more familiar with blog tours. Let me know if that is appealing to you 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the imminent release of 18 Things! You must be so stoked. 🙂
    I always feature whatever I happen to be reading on the sidebar (whatever that thingy is called …) on my blog, so you can bet when I’m taking a look at your wonderful story it will be up there!
    Happy Writing (And Publishing! 😉 ) in 2013!

    • I am stoked! Love your sidebar ‘thingy’ lol . . . I must look into creating one of those. Although I guess my Goodreads shelf shows what I’ve read recently. I heard a rumor today that they might start selling books on their site as well?

  3. Congrats, Jamie! I would love to host you on my blog. Would love to do a review as well. I will email you in a bit.

    The Charge sounds really interesting! 🙂 Nice cover as well.

  4. Jaime, very exciting! I’d love to help out in any way–I don’t have a huge following, but I’d love to do an interview or anything you want…maybe we could do an 18 things about you interview…

    Sharon’s book sounds amazing too. I love how you both have the blue lightening! Awesome!

  5. Hi Jamie, new follower from the ISWG.

    I love the sound of 18 things and would love to have something on my blog for you, maybe the cover, blurb and info about its release details on the day or any package you want to create it.

    Loving the sound of Sharon’s book as well! A great post! 🙂

  6. Huge congrats on the launch of 18 Things… exciting. Love the sound of it, so I’ll be getting my hands on one for sure:)

  7. I’d be thrilled to host you for whatever you want, an interview, a guest post, whatever. Just let me know. I remember reading your query for 18 Things like a year and a half ago and thinking how wonderful it sounded. 2013 will be a great year for you and your book. I just know it!

  8. Wow! And Wow!!! I love The Charge’s cover and blurb – sounds awesome, and then I went over and read your blurb for 18 Things and Wow again! I would definitely love to help you promo your book on the day of release and for a guest post after that.

  9. I should have thought of this before. Of course I’d love to do an interview or guest spot at your convenience. It’s this month already! Didn’t the time go fast. Yes, let’s plan for something! Happy New Year, Jamie!

  10. Hi Jamie. I would LOVE to give you a shout out in the form of an interview, blog tour stop, or whatever would suit you best on my blog. I’m so excited for you!!! Congrats on making that huge resolution become a reality. My email is shell0flower at gmail.

    • Thanks, Shell!!! Did you get my email? I sent one yesterday, but now looking at my “Sent” items, I didn’t see it listed. Hope it didn’t get lost in cyberspace:-(

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