TFIOS Feels, ReadOn, Audible, and UtopYA Con

Let me first start off by saying that The Fault In Our Stars movie, based on the bestselling Coming of Age love story about two teens who just happen to have cancer by John Green, was AMAZING!!!

I took my 13yo daughter and her bestie to a special “Night Before Our Stars” event that was held at 600 theatres around the country the night before the official release. We each got a commemorative bracelet and autographed poster and afterward, you could tweet questions to the author, director, producer, and the three main characters of the cast. They did the live simulcast from a movie theatre in Atlanta (more on that later). There were sooo many feels while watching this film. I LOVED the book, but I don’t remember laughing and crying so hard (and simultaneously) when reading the novel. Something about seeing it brought to life on the big screen made it much more emotional for me. It’s not a movie I could watch over and over again because it’s so heartbreaking, but I do think it’s trying to send the same message I try to send with my 18 Things trilogy. Love is stronger than death in the end. It’s hard to tell someone that when they’ve just lost the most important person in their life (and I wouldn’t recommend it), but after time, I do think most come around to that realization. Anyway, I think the movie and the two main actors, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, deserve Oscar nominations. Doubt that will happen, but I’m sure they get the reward in the hearts of young adults (and wannabe YA like me) everywhere!




Other things I’ve been up to this week . . . I did my first live web appearance ON CAMERA for Jessica Porter, a book reviewer I’d met at a B&N event back in March. Check out the ReadOn with me (I’m up first), Leila Howland, Lindsay Cummings, and Amy Christine Parker (LOVE HER!).


Then yesterday, Audible set me up with a local studio to record special features for my audio books of 18 Things and 18 Truths. I walked in and was met by a familiar face . . . I’d actually graduated high school with the owner! So thankful I knew him a little because I was really nervous andΒ he immediately put me at ease. It took about 2 hours to record the Author’s Note, dedication, beginning chapter quotes, acknowledgements, and Literature Circle Questions for both books. He said I was a natural . . . I think I probably sounded like a dork. We’ll let you decide when it’s all finished! If you’re in the Southwest Florida area and need a studio, check out Paul L. Marshall Productions.

Jamie Recording

Other than that, I’ve been planning for my trip next week! I’m off to Nashville for the UtopYA Con (the Con for Women Writers of YA & the fans who love them). Super excited to meet up with my publishers sisters, Sharron Riddle Houdek and Krystal Wade, there (as well as blogger buddy Pk Hrezo). If you’re going, stop by Area 51, table 24! My daughter is coming with (who will turn 14 that weekend, sniff sniff) and she’s an aspiring author, so I’m psyched to have her come along and be inspired. On the way, we’re stopping in Atlanta because for some reason, we’ve never been! Lots of fun planned there too, including hunting down Theo James so I can touch his bicep (it’s on my bucket list). He’s filming Insurgent there along with Shailene and Ansel. How cool would it be to actually stumble upon them?! Keep your fingers crossed and if you’re in the Atlanta area, let me know if you spot any “Mineral” signs (code name).

"Now, now Jamie, you could get arrested for this." *lunges at Theo*

“Now, now Jamie, you could get arrested for this.” *lunges at Theo*

What have you been up to this week?!

28 comments on “TFIOS Feels, ReadOn, Audible, and UtopYA Con

  1. Sounds like they did the preview movie event right!
    Congratulations on getting those segments recorded for the audio book. I sure as heck couldn’t do it.
    And have a great time in Nashville. Big hug for PK.

    • Just saw that you tried to comment on my blog several times. I felt bad that you tried so hard and wanted to let you know – I got it. πŸ™‚ I think I have the settings so that it asks for confimation before posting a comment after a certain amount of days. Cheers!

  2. My daughter just inhaled TFiOS so she could read the book before seeing the movie. I expected a bawling, hormonal teen, but she wasn’t. She said the book was sad, though.

    I have it on my Kindle, but haven’t been able to bring myself to read it. I much prefer HEAs.

    Wow! Auto-Audible. Cool! πŸ˜€

  3. Jamie, how exciting that you were able to record parts of your work !! I agree that love is stronger than death … and truth be told … love transcends death. It is the part of that person we can never lose. Thanks so much for this πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, recording in a studio & Utop YA Con all around the same time!! Your really busy! But it’s a “good” kinda busy πŸ™‚ School’s not over here in NY. We have another couple of weeks & then it’s off to college for my oldest. Yayy…*sniff*

  5. How exciting to be in the studio… congrats to you:) I would have been all shy and probably mumbled my words..hehe.

  6. Wow, what a delicious list of things you’ve got planned! I am still trying to make it through this interminable last week of school. Only one more day, and I have doubts about surviving that long!

  7. We have friends in town this weekend and I was told yesterday they want to see TFIOS today. It’s been on my to-read list for a year. I panicked and started reading right away. I’m 30 percent through but they want to see it today…so I may not finish reading it in time! If I don’t read the book before seeing the movie, I won’t enjoy reading the book as much. I don’t like to know how things are going to end. I don’t like crying in movie theaters, either…but I hate to be a spoil sport, so I’ll go with Kleenexes in hand.

  8. Well, my week hasn’t been nearly as exciting as yours!
    I did just finish TFIOS, way behind everyone else. πŸ™‚ Loved it! I can’t wait to see the movie.
    Good luck catching Theo James’s bicep! πŸ˜‰

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