We’re All Mad Here

There’s one movie release I’ll be counting down the days to all year . . . it’s just 9 months away (274 days). Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint: I make multiple references to it in 18 Things, 18 Truths, & 18 Thoughts!!!

Force Awakens

It even comes out on my favorite day . . . the 18th!! And some people think there’s no such thing as fate! Blegh.

Today I learned that for those who don’t know a thing about basketball, there’s now a fun little play on March Madness for the geek in all of us! This Is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament! You can check out the details here. I’m too late to make my own bracket, but you can bet I’ll be ready to win some awesome prizes next year! Plus, if you’re late to the game like me, you can still vote daily for your Light & Dark Side matchups! Seriously, how did I not know about this before? Apparently the good people of Wookieepedia have done this for the past two years!

One more movie I’m mad about is Insurgent, which features my three favorite words in the English language: Theo James Shirtless!!! And this one comes out this weekend!!


Of course, the preview looks like they’ve completely swayed from the book, but as we know, the BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER! So I’m putting my stick down because that horse is dead. I’ve already bought my ticket to see it tomorrow at 8pm (the AMC here always shows it a day early, which is very nice of them). Besties, Popcorn with sprinkle cheese, and Theo James Shirtless?! What more could a girl ask for?

Do you feel me? Are you counting down the days till the Force awakens? Will you see Insurgent? Does the sight of Theo James make you swoooon?

19 comments on “We’re All Mad Here

  1. Jamie … as a long-time lover of Star Wars … I am pumped about this latest sequel. It always reminds me of one summer when the the first thing we did when the kids came back from summer camp was go straight to the movies to see The Empire Strikes Back. And if my kids were that young, you must have been a twinkle in your mom’s eye !! Thanks for the trailer and the memory 🙂

    • Oh, what a wonderful memory! The first one I saw in the theatre was the first year hubs & were married when the fourth one came out . . . went and saw it at midnight 🙂

  2. I am getting my movie release news from you from now on. hehe. I don’t get out much. Please tell me what you think about the second movie. I never read the third book because I do not like the way it ends. Thank you spoiler reviews. BUT I am dying to see someone shirtless… He is soooo good looking.

    • I enjoyed the second book, not the third . . . but it wasn’t the ending. It was told in dual POV between Tris and Four (so I predicted the conclusion on that alone), and I couldn’t tell the difference between their voices. Very distracting to the story. But yeah, Theo is a Greek god!

  3. Hmm, not that excited about the Star Wars movie, though like Alex, I’m totally excited about the new Avengers movie… can’t wait.

  4. I’m definitely getting excited for the new STAR WARS movie, although it’s still such a long wait! Hope you loved INSURGENT if you’ve had a chance to see it! (Though, yes, I’m always partial to a book…)

  5. I love Star Wars and look forward to the next movie. I think it is awesome that it is coming out on your favorite date! I still have not read Divergent and the rest of the series, so I am behind on the movies too. Enjoy!

  6. When he jumped across the tracks, my heart skipped a beat. Pure adrenaline, I’m thinking. Love StarWars anything. Feels like yesterday when I took the boys to the first one. Is it 35 + years ago?

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