Six Sentence Sunday

  For Six Sentence Sunday, alls you have to do is post six sentences from your novel or WIP. This week my six sentences are from page 31 of 18 Things, the first book in My So-Called Afterlife YA trilogy, coming soon from Curiosity Quills Press. If you want to find out more, or check out some other great sets of six sentences, follow the linky link! Writers appreciate comments and constructive feedback!

Sliding my sunglasses to the top of my head, I look up at the sun and a cloud finally moves in front of it. For a moment, I block out the sounds of the lake around me and all I hear is the water and the wind. A warm and soft breeze blows across me like Conner whispering from the grave, “It’s okay. Go on, go on.” And it’s a release, a revelation, something I’ve heard so many times before but never listened to. Life does go on, and it should.

Sooo, whaddya think? If you are so inclined, I’d greatly appreciate it if you visit me over at J. Keller Ford’s YA Fantasy Author blogfest  . . . where she’s let people like me take over her blog this week and today is my turn! Come on, you know you want to:-)