57 Days of Summer

Seriously, where’d summer go? It blew through like the wind and knocked me on my keister! As I returned to work, I realized many asked about our Savannah trip and I said I’d write about it but never did . . . hope it’s worth the wait:)

So my 5 fav things about this Georgia tourist trap are: #1) the history, the beautiful churches, houses (or should I say mansions, haunted ones even!), museums, & hot spots such as Forrest Gump’s bench site & the Andrew Low House (founder of the Girl Scouts) & this leads me to

#2)you can literally walk to any of these attractions in the historic district-they have little squares on every block when your feet are tired so cop a squat and sip a drink -which brings me to

# 3) it’s one of the only US cities left allowing open containers so you can stay cool with lovely frozen fruity beverages (or beer for Dan & for you underages their popular ‘Arnold Palmer’-1/2 sweet tea & 1/2 lemonade) even though it’s hot as Paula Deen’s kitchen .  . . which brings me to


#4) Good ole’ country fried home cooking! They were so many restaurants and since we only stayed 2 nights, we didn’t have nearly enough time to eat as much as we’d liked but if we didn’t have the girls w/ us, I think a progressive dinner would’ve been the way to go to solve this problem. If you haven’t ever done one, you need to! I’d start at a nice little bar & have a dirty martini & an appetizer of fried okra, then off to The Lady & Sons for the all u can eat buffet (includin’ plenty o’ fried shrimp & collard greens!), and ending the night muching on some boiled (pronounced ‘balled’) peanuts from a stand off River Street which leads me to

 #5) the night life! We boarded the free ferry to cross the Savannah River to Hutchinson Island & enjoyed lounging around & takin’ pics @ the Westin Harbor Golf & Spa (which if we have enough mula next time, it’s def where we’re stayin!) before coming back to River Street to get some shoppin’ done where I tried out what  I thought was the local lingo with a sympathetic “well bless your heart” spoken to a busy merchant behind the counter when he looked at me and smirked and informed me “we don’t really say that around here, it’s just a stereotype.” And I go, “People have been sayin’ it to me all day.” He says, “Oh, that’s the evil kind, used to mock people. We do use that sometimes.” And I cocked a brow at him and said, “Exactly,” and walked away. Ha! How do you like them apples?!?

Savannah Night

The view of the historic district at night from the Westin Hotel.

Other summer highlights included trip to opening of HP at Universal, my Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants reunion, my writer’s conference, and my sister’s wedding in NC-also many pics on Facebook for that. Well, have a rockin’ school year everyone-Only 303 days left until next summer vacay:)

3 comments on “57 Days of Summer

  1. You did so much this summer! It sure makes me jealous! I can’t wait to someday go to Savannah! That would be fun. I want to visit St. Augustine too! Have a good day back at work tomorrow. I’ll miss the adult conversation this year. ttyl!

  2. Next time you come to Asheville, we need to try the progressive dinner idea and leave the kids with a sitter! That would rock!!

    Why on Earth haven’t I been to Savannah, I wonder? Not too far and sounds so neat!!!

  3. I’m with Dawn, need to try the progressive dinner thing. Some people do it from home to home as well. I also need to visit Savannah..it’s not that far indeed!
    Sad that summer is coming to an end but you, Dan and the kids had a great one.
    Have a great school year.

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