Dead Poet’s Society

Today I watched the movie, Dead Poet’s Society. It’d been so long since I’d seen it, I’d pretty much completely forgotten the plot. Being a teacher & also an author who has written a book with an attempted suicide in it, it moved me to tears. So, tonight I’d like to share a poem I sent Dan when we were in college. I was a new Christian and since he didn’t believe in God at the time and very bitter over his father’s death, he mocked me constantly for it. I wrote him poems all the time, but this one actually caused him to think about his life.

Die to self & live for Jesus! Turn to him & you will find, Silent strength deep down inside you,

Courage, hope, & peace of mind.

Take a glance around at all the faces, then look deep inside your heart.

Have you given your life to Jesus? If not, why not start?

Why sit at home on Sunday morning when  you could rejoice within the church pew?

Trust in God to end  your struggles, it’s the best thing you could do!

In each soul a song sings out, ‘who am I & why am I here?’

Some try to run & ignore the cries, when the answer is drawing them near.

Take a deep breath & look around you at all the empty faces.

Then lift each mask & this truth you’ll find, God is in all these places.

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