Easter Basket Full of Books Giveaway!

On St. Patrick’s Day I loaded up the fam to attend the annual Southwest Florida Reading Festival. This is an event I look forward to every year. It’s at Centennial Park on the Caloosahatchee River and the beautiful weather/scenery always attracts A-list authors. This year I got to hear Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie,

Obert Skye,

My daughter Kaylee with the very funny Mr. Skye

Lauren Oliver,

and Anna Godbersen (sorry, no pic b/c my camera died) under the Teen Tent. I always love, love, love watching the authors up on the stage and imagining myself being invited to speak one of these days. Some of the other YA authors we’ve seen there in the past were Jeff Kinney, Lois Lowry, R.L. Stine, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Ridley Pearson, Chris Claremont, and Lauren Myracle.

Almost every author has the same format . . . read a bit from their latest manuscript and then hold a Q & A session. There’s always about a thirty-second awkward pause before the first question and I cringe in my seat, but I’m never brave enough to ask the first one either, lol. You can definitely tell there are plenty of wanna-be-authors like me in the audience by their Q’s about publishing. Pretty much all the authors said it took them 5 yrs to break into publishing and many say a Creative Writing degree is a frivolous pursuit (but I still want one, if only I had some time and $).

Anyways, even though I may be an unpub’d nobody, I still have gained over 300 blog followers this year and I think that’s something to celebrate so I stood in the loooooooong line for autographs at the festival in preparation for my Easter Basket Full of Books give away:):) See the pictures below for the goodies:

*Note: Peace, Love & Baby Ducks isn’t autographed since Ms. Myracle was there last year and it’s the only ‘used’ book in the bunch, but I thought it was a good read and couldn’t resist throwing something with baby ducks on the cover in the Easter basket!



Short synopsis of each book:

Delirium: Lena looks forward to receiving the government-mandated cure that prevents the delirium of love and leads to a safe, predictable, and happy life, until 95 days before her 18th bday and her treatment, when she falls in love.

Luxe: In Manhattan in 1899, 5 teens of different social classes lead dangerously scandalous lives, despite the strict rules of society and the best-laid plans of parents and others.

The Gateway to Foo: When fate brings 14-yr-old Leven and 13-yr-old Winter together, they discover that for mankind to continue dreaming, the gateway between reality and dreams needs to be found & demolished.

Peace, Love & Baby Ducks: 15-yr-old Carly’s summer volunteer experience makes her feel more real than her life of privilege in Atlanta ever did, but her younger sister starts high school pretending to be what she’s not, and both find their relationship suffering.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Anthology of 3 stories based on the hit TV series.

All you need to do to enter is subscribe to this blog and leave a comment below. If you’re already a follower (thanks)– just leave a comment. I’d really love a follow or shout out on Twitter, too: jamiemayres

That’s it! Pretty simple, right? The winner will be chosen randomly and I’ll announce the lucky duck on my blog next Wednesday when I post for Alex Cavanaugh’s IWSG. Seriously ya’ll, thanks so much for coming back each Wednesday to visit little ole’ me!!

So have you thought of your reading festival plan for when you’re a big New York Times Bestseller? Standard read a page followed by Q & A? More interactive like building a story with your audience improv style? Slideshow anyone? I remember when I heard Ally Carter speak at the 2010 RWA Nationals her advice for these things was to always be  yourself, but preferably yourself after 2 drinks, lol. Anyways, would love to hear your ideas:):):)

~Until next week, Happy Reading & Happy Writing!

53 comments on “Easter Basket Full of Books Giveaway!

  1. Oh, gosh no, I haven’t even thought about reading festivals. I’m sure it’ll be awkward if I ever go to one as a real author. I’ll probably have a creepy grin on my face and say, “I write stuff. It’s neat. ‘Bye.”

    Aaaaanyway, it sounds like you had a good time! 😀

  2. I already follow your blog and your Twitter 😀

    When I dream of festivals or bookstore readings, I always see myself reading a page or two followed by questions. I’ve been a panelists at many conventions and, as any audience member can tell you, I like to discuss things at length. I like the give and take of participation.

  3. Great blog Jamie! I’m with you. At the conferences I attend, when the authors finish reading their excerpts or talking about their topic, I’m NEVER brave enough to be the first person to ask a question. When I saw Cassandra Clare at the SCBWI Conference in late January/early February (and she was AWESOME), the room was dead silent when she finished. She was really good at finally getting people to come out of their shell.

    I’m following you on Twitter now, too.

  4. I haven’t been to a conference yet, but a couple of authors came to speak at my elementary school many years ago, including William Kennedy, who’s written a lot of books about Albany, NY and is pretty famous in my area. I remember they did much the same thing, read from at least one of their books and then took questions from the audience.

    For any potential future book signings at conferences and readings, I’ll give people the choice of which hand they want me to sign with, or cut down on my workload by signing two books at once. Why not show off the gift I was given as long as I’ve got an audience?

  5. I already follow your blog and tweet, and I tweeted.

    I love the idea of having the audience build a story with me! Although I’d probably be too nervous and scared that no one would interact so I might opt for the standard reading and Q&A.

  6. Hi, Jamie,
    Great blog. We’re in YARWA together! Don’t know if I’ve met you though. What a great experience that was for you at the conference. Honestly, if I could, I’d spend my life wandering the countryside with my kids, attending reader conferences like a neo-nerdy-Deadhead (Um, Well-read-head?)

    Hopefully you’ll be at RWA Anaheim!!!

  7. It sure is fun to think about what it would be like to sign books and read excerpts! I’d probably go for the standard routine, excerpts and questions, and hope I got questions that I could actually answer! 😉
    Sign me up for the that pretty basket of books. I love the pictures!

  8. Wow Jamie…I am glad I got to check out your blog tonight and enter this awesome contest. My friend Julie has been telling me to read Delirium so I have to win! You are such an inspiration and I love reading what you write. I can’t wait to read YOUR BOOK!! I thought I was a subscriber, but I guess not! I definitely am now!

  9. “even though I may be an unpub’d nobody,
    I still have gained over 300 blog followers this year and I think that’s something to celebrate”

    Wait a minute missy… you may be unpublished but you are certainly SOMEBODY SPECIAL.

    • …evident in the number of followers :0)
      I attend a monthly writer’s meeting with the same stagnant pause between talk and questions. Must be the norm.

      I must have touched the wrong key… so am replying to myself o.0

  10. I’m lucky enough to have little warm and fuzzy writers talks within an hour of me all the time. I love listening to them speak. Funny, I’ve never heard one read their own work yet. I guess I need to go to a read “book reading” some time. Sounds like you had fun.

    I don’t normally ask the first question, but I do FORCE myself to speak to them one-on-one afterwards. That’s even scarier for me, and helps me break out of my shell.

    • I also force myself to speak to them afterwards . . . they usually have some inspiring advice for this wannabe:) Only 1 was snobby, but I won’t name names;) Ok, maybe after I’ve had those 2 drinks, heehee

  11. Your pictures look like everyone had fun. I think a reading/book festival are a great idea. Lots of people would always plan to attend. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Very cool that you got to meet the authors. Nice selection of books in the basket, also. Authors have very good, useful advice for us aspiring authors. 🙂 Happy Easter and thanks for the giveaway

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