Six Sentence Sunday

 Six Sentence Sunday is something I’ve noticed lots of my blogger buddies doing and today I’ve decided to join in the fun. I love me some good book quotes! Alls you have to do is post six sentences from your novel or WIP. My first attempt is from page 5 of 18 Things, the first book in My So-Called Afterlife trilogy, coming soon from Curiosity Quills Press.

There’s no medicine I can take to get over losing my best friend, my soul-mate. But there’s  a bottle of prescription pain meds the hospital gave me sitting on my night stand next to a glass of water, ice still floating on the top.Mom brought the water in this morning with a cup of applesauce, a piece of peanut butter toast, and a sliced banana in the hopes I’d eat before school.I’m still not hungry and I don’t think I ever will be again.I don’t want Mom to add anorexia to her list of worries, but how can I eat when I feel like puking all the time?The blood pounds faster than normal behind my ears, another panic attack on the horizon.

*If you want to find out more, or check out some other great sets of six sentences, check out the site:

I welcome you comments, including constructive feedback! Thanks:-) Enjoy your Sunday!

12 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Jamie, this is the first post I recieved after subscribing to your blog. I love those six sentences because the give me an insight into the character, showcase you smooth narrative style and make an impact.

    Good work 🙂

  2. Thanks for the peek into your story. 🙂 You have me worried for you protagonist, and wanting to read on to see what she does with those pills. 😦
    I love your series title too!

  3. Jamie,

    Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. I’m a SSS rookie myself. Apparently lost love is in the air for us today. It’s quite a different perspective when it’s a young adult going through it, though the sting to the heart is the same for adults as well.

    Fine introductory Six.

    I like your quotes on the side bar very much. My youngest boy used to say the Pooh one to me often when he was 4. It earned him the nickname Pooh Bear which he quickly out grew, though I still use it. The Charlotte’s Web quote is awesome! My new favorite.

    Congratulations on your contract. That’s great news.

  4. Hey, it was my first SSS also, so I’m glad you visited me so I could find you. (Hope that came out right.) Wow, your heroine is going through a tough time. I want to know more! Congrats on the contract!

  5. It’s funny how a lot of people hopped on board to SSS today. This is great. I wouldn’t change anything yet, unless your publisher has asked for a “final version” before they send it to the editors. If it is already at the editor, you should wait for them to get back, or the changes will make it confusing. Good Luck!

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