Letter to my YA self

Hi, ya’ll! Today I’m a guest on Krystal Wade’s blog . . . she’s not only a fellow Curiosity Quills author, she’s also the YA Acquisitions Editor who offered me my contract, so please don’t make me look bad in front of her! Hop on over and leave a comment. In this post, I’ve hijacked Doc Brown’s Delorean to deliver a letter to myself the first week of high school:-) For those of you too young to know what I’m talking about *shakes head* . . . . watch this video first.

Godspeed . . . .

5 comments on “Letter to my YA self

    • Thanks for hopping over, D!!! I think we would’ve been very good friends, too! Looking forward to continuing on this writing journey together and seeing where it leads us:-) ~Hugs

  1. Congrats to you for your publishing contract. That’s so exciting! Wishing you nothing but success! 🙂

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