Six Sentence Sunday

For Six Sentence Sunday, alls you have to do is post six sentences from your novel or WIP. This week my six sentences are from page 4 of 18 Things, the first book in My So-Called Afterlife trilogy, coming soon from Curiosity Quills Press. If you want to find out more, or check out some other great sets of six sentences, follow the linky link! Writers appreciate comments and constructive feedback! Okay, here goes nothing:

They aren’t the condolence kind of letters, the ones shoved in my locker. These notes detail the steps of treating hypothermia so I won’t kill anybody else, asking how a genius girl can be so dumb. Notes telling me my ashes should be spread over Lake Michigan, not Conner’s, so why don’t I just kill myself? They are full of the things I suspected my fellow classmates felt all week long. I don’t hold hard feelings towards my anonymous writers; their thoughts echo my own. The boy they loved was gone and the one responsible still walks among them. 

~ Enjoy your Sunday!

15 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday

    • Yep! You hafta tortue your characters though;-) Oh, saw Spiderman last night & LOVED it! Yes, still no Avengers but I actually liked it more than the other Spiderman movies (which I did love, too).

  1. Very intense emotions! Sometimes we have to put our characters through the wringer in order to have a happy ending they appreciate more since they went through so much to get it.

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