Strong Am I With The Force

Seriously considering this pic for our Christmas card

There are times I’d like to throw hubby out with the trash;-)

Jar Jar in the house! Let’s get this party started:-) I don’t care what people say–I like him!

Emperor Palpatine–No! No! Noooo! Wait, how’d that get on my Blu-ray?

Hmmm, Birthday Party Games idea?

A.K.A. Luke, and look at those light sabers! There’s a scene in my book like this at their h.s. graduation. Oh wait, I don’t want to give away too much . . .

R2 Iron Man . . . making her own R2 will be my 12-yr-old daughter’s next science project. Please buy my book b/c it costs around $3,000, hahaha

Found out a little late she’s not appropriate for kids, oops!

Thank God she hasn’t asked for a metal bikini yet!

Steampunk love!

So that’s some highlights of Star Wars Celebration VI. We were lucky enough to only live three hours from Orlando to make the drive up. I’ll share some insights about it next Wednesday as part of Master Ninja Alex Cavanaugh’s IWSG. What about you? Did you do anything COOL this past weekend? Please share! And if you’re a Star Wars fan, you must check out this trailer for Seth Green’s new show, Star Wars Detours