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I’m sitting here tonight, anxious. April 15th wasn’t just tax day for me, it was the day I sent the last installment of my YA trilogy, 18 Thoughts, to my Beta Readers and critique partners. Three weeks later, I still haven’t heard anything. They all have busy lives and since I didn’t ask to have it back for another three weeks, I’m trying to keep those old insecurities from popping up again. But I’ve also read sooo many trilogies where I LOVED the first and second book, and then hated the third one, so sending this novel to other people who also love my characters was difficult this time around. But I know the only way to move beyond fear is to go through it, so I eventually turned it over . . . even though the ending I planned for the series two years ago when I started totally changed in the last three chapters!!! My 13yo daughter said since I pulled major plot twists at the end of 18 Things and 18 Truths, karma said my characters had to pull one on me in the last book! What can I say? Never underestimate the power of the “holy crap” moment. So I’m trusting what happened with the story was meant to happen all along and holding onto faith that I believe in what my characters told me, even while doubting myself. In the meantime, let’s hope I still have some nails left by the time my readers get back to me!

In other news, I was super excited to see Hot Topic carrying The Fault In Our Stars tees when I took my daughters to the mall this past weekend! I picked up these two to share with the 13yo . . . she’s much smaller than me but she hates tight clothing (praise the Lord!)

TFIOS shirts


I’m rereading the book now in preparation for the movie release on June 6th! Speaking of movies, I surprisingly made it to the theater twice this past week. First time was to see The Other Woman with my small group Bible study ladies. All I can say is HILARIOUS! I was afraid it’d be one of those chick flicks where the funniest parts were in the commercials, but not true at all. Definitely worth seeing. LOL funny. The other movie was a prescreening of The Neighbors. I went with hubs when he got tickets through his work. Bonus points for keeping Zac Efron shirtless for most of the movie but Seth Rogen and the Australian lady who played his wife (don’t know her name & I’m too lazy to Google it, even though the time it’d take to do so is probably equal to typing this . . . what can I say? I’m complicated) really carried the movie. Still, the film was too raunchy for my tastes, but it was free so I guess no money lost. And hubs took me to Tijuana Flats for dinner first . . . yes, it was Cinco de Mayo a day late, but who can beat their Taco Tuesday deal?!

What we did celebrate on May 5th was Revenge of the Fifth, the sequel to May the Fourth Be With You. All you fellow Star Wars nerds know what I’m talking about! Here’s a little pic of our celebration:

May 4th

So that’s what’s going in my world! What’s new with you? Don’t forget to thank a teacher this week–it’s National Teacher Appreciation Week! And don’t forget to visit other peeps in the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, the brainchild of Head Ninja Captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh.

42 comments on “IWSG-Beta Readers

  1. I love Tijuana Flats! Miss you tons. Love your blog posts. Can’t wait to read book three! …and the world needs great teachers, so I hope you’re feeling tons of appreciation this week for all your effort put into the classroom.

  2. Jamie … and may the force be with you always. I am certain that your BETA readers will love the third of your trilogy as much as the first two. You have a magical touch and who would miss it? Happy Mother’s Day because mothers need all the “force” they can muster 🙂

    • Thanks! We’re going to Captiva Island and eating at The Bubble Room with the whole family to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend . . . can’t wait!

  3. May the Fourth! I get it, and love it. 😉
    Anyway, you know how they say the waiting is the hardest part? I’m sure your readers will love it though. Twist endings are scary that way, but worth it! I think letting the characters have the story their way is always the right thing to do though.

  4. Betas can be priceless. Or a total pain. Waiting is the hardest part especially when the ms never arrives back to you. *feeling sorry for myself* Oh well.
    Love your picture in the sidebar, btw. Excellent

  5. Thank you for being you, teacher lady! And, revenge of the fifth is one I hadn’t heard of yet – I guess I’m just slow, but I like it. 🙂 I’m sure your readers are loving your book!

  6. The praise for you story will be here before you know it (and, I want those t-shirts…will have to plan a trip to the mall).

    Leanne Ross ( readfaced.wordpress.com & @LeanneRossRF )

  7. That does sound stressful. I’d probably have no nails left if I was in your position. Characters can normally be trusted though. Thanks for the heads up on the other woman too. Seeing that on Friday.

  8. Often times our characters know better than we do. Best of luck with your beta readers. I’m betting they’ll love it. 🙂

  9. Ahhh the holy crap moment. Gotta love those lol
    Best of luck with your beta’s feedbacks. I’m sure they will give you great and different perspectives on your final book. How exciting! (Even if the waiting is excruciating lol)

  10. Waiting to hear what people think is always nerve wracking. I hope your betas love it, and the twist makes the experience even better. Fingers crossed. 🙂

    Great IWSG post!

  11. Don’t worry over your betas. Spring has a way of clogging up the brain (must be the pollen!) I’ve been working on a beta for a month….how sad is that? But when I beta I can’t skim…that would be wrong, right?

  12. I usually send my betas out in waves. I send to the fastest people first, go through their edits, and then to the next wave, and then to the more critical last (Who sometimes have seen it twice by then) Waiting more than a week, though, drives me nuts. I’m a Now now now type of gal.

    Good luck in your edits!

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