The Best Suicide Prevention Plan?

“Indeed, you are my lamp, O Lord, the Lord lightens my darkness … You have given me the shield of your salvation, and your help has made me great. You have made me stride freely, and my feet do not slip.” 2 Samuel 22:29, 36-37

Unfortunately, sometimes the darkness we face is too much … too much pain, too  much trouble, too much opposition, too much sadness, too much debt, too much stress, too much … you fill in the blank. When it feels like the darkness is too big, it threatens to overwhelm us. What can we do?

Sometimes people feel like there is nothing to do. They take their own lives.

As a teen, there were two instances when I felt this same way.

The only thing that stopped me was God’s saving grace. Part of my experience served as inspiration for 18 Things and 18 Truths, both of which touch on the issue of suicide attempts. You can read part of my personal testimony on an old guest post I did on Gwen Gardner’s blog if you’re curious.

So what’s the point of all this?

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Visit the Official World Suicide Prevention Day Facebook Event Page and join people from all over the world who are supporting the cause, survivors of suicide and the many volunteers and practitioners worldwide who work to alleviate suffering through evidence-based research and practices.

It only takes a minute to help someone. And if you’re out there reading this, feeling like the darkness is too much, please let me offer you encouragement from my experience.

I would not still be here without asking for God’s help and wisdom. Just time spent thinking/praying about God’s will for my life and reading his word comforts and heals me. From this practice, I think you’ll find God is, and always has been, waiting to help. He wants what’s best for you, but we don’t see the big picture, we only see ourselves. He’s working on things we don’t understand. My pastor gave the analogy of remodeling  your house–it always takes longer and cost more than we think. And we’re not always committed to the process like God is . . . because he thinks eternally. He’s building an everlasting soul. He’s not going to duct tape over your problems for a temporary solution. But if we believe God is smarter than us and has way more experience and his love is FREE, then maybe we just found the best suicide prevention in the universe.

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10 comments on “The Best Suicide Prevention Plan?

  1. Thanks s much, Jamie. This is an issue that needs more dialogue, more proactive events like today. When we do believe that there is a power greater than we are that will be there in the darkness, we can trust that it will show us the light and lead us home. Anything we can do to help those who suffer in the dark, it to shine a light and pray they can see it 🙂

  2. I recently heard a story about an Australian man who lives near a cliff where many people commit suicide. He’s lived there for over 50 years and has prevented about 160 suicides by talking to the people and inviting them in for tea and conversation.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences (I know they were probably hard to write about) and for placing a kind word about God and his ability to help. I’ve only felt this desire once, when my son was deathly ill. With his will I got through it. /hugs

  4. I’ve lost close friends through suicide. I found one of them with a bullet through the heart. I try to be as supportive as I can and I’ve learned not to blame myself for not doing more. Sometimes the world is just too much. So glad you came through those dark times, Jamie ❤

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