Help Me With My Blurb, PLEEEAAAASSSSE!!

Many of you doing NaNoWriMo know that writing 50,000 words isn’t easy . . . but guess what’s harder? Summing up your novel in ten sentences or less! Now if you’re smarter than me (and I’m not too proud to admit that most of you are), you’ve already written the blurb before you began writing. Well, not only have I not done that for the book I’m writing in November (my third book in the 18 Things Trilogy), but I haven’t even perfected the blurb for the second book, even though 18 Truths comes out at the end of January! Eeep!

So with 2 1/2 months before my book birthday, my publisher asked me for the blurb to put it up on Goodreads so people can add it to their TBR shelf (well, hopefully they will). Which led me to go hide in a corner and ask, “Oh, was I supposed to have that finalized already?” Oops!

Which really translated to . . . I haven’t even written the blurb AT ALL YET! So I sat down October 30th, before Halloween and this whole national write a novel in a month stuff began, and I wrote my blurb. But I haven’t had time to perfect the darn thing. I know it’s toooo long, but I can’t figure out what to cut, so I’m asking ya’ll to wield your literary swords and help me cut this down a bit. I’d truly appreciate any feedback. Here it goes:

Olga Gay Worontzoff ended her senior year as an eighteen-year-old girl totally in love with Nate, her new boyfriend, and about to attend the university of her dreams. Then her therapist delivered the mind-blowing news that changed everything.

Now she’s spending her summer in the weird subculture of the Underworld, where there’s charmingly witty and powerful angels, along with some characteristically problematic demons. But the strength of Olga and Nate’s own personal demons are the greatest of all. Nate’s still grappling with the destruction he left behind and Olga’s haunted by the memory of Conner, the best friend and secret crush she was unable to save during a freak accident. Olga’s one hundred percent convinced Conner is somewhere in the Underworld. Driven by a mixture of guilt and curiosity, she sets out to unlock the secrets her therapist has kept hidden so she can have her second chance at rescuing her first love.

But Nate wants nothing to do with Olga’s hidden agenda. He has other things on his mind, mainly Grace. She’s their first assignment as joint spirit guides and Olga’s feeling a little hurt and—ahem—jealous. His mysterious nature has Olga questioning everything she ever believed about him and now she must decide whether to stick to their plan, or follow her heart. Unfortunately, she makes a series of mistakes that threatens everyone she has come in contact with and unknowingly plants herself in a center of events much larger than she ever imagined.

Lying is unbearable, betrayal is inevitable, and choosing between which path to take is impossible.

Only one thing is for certain: the truths that are uncovered during her journey will leave no one untouched.

*What do you think?

What’s On Your Bedside Table?

Perhaps you’ve heard of a little site called Goodreads? Incase you’ve lived under a rock for the past few years, I’ll tell you it’s the website where readers go to register the books on their reading lists as either read, currently-reading, or to-read. I mention this because to kick of Week 3 of the Buccaneer Blogfest, we’re supposed to highlight the last 3 books we’ve read on our blogs today. It’s pretty easy to discover the answer to this question just by checking out my Goodreads site so if you’re interested, check out the linky link above:-) If you haven’t started your own Goodreads account, I encourage you to do so (and add me as your friend while you’re there!). I’ve found lotsa great book suggestions and discussions on this site. It’s such a fun way to keep track of what you read and to interact with other readers, even authors! Authors are like rock stars in my book and this summer I’ve had the chance to interact with some of my favs like Susane Colasanti and Meg Cabot. And it’s a great way to support the authors you love. Reviews on Goodreads are like the fresh fruit, rainbow sprinkles and hot fudge added to our literary fro-yo cups (sorry–I’m on a frozen yogurt kick this summer).

If you want to check out other rock stars, visit some of the bloggers below! And don’t forget to read a book today! I’m hoping to finish Wilde’s Army and delve deeper into Jinx. What’s on your bedside table or Kindle? Inquiring minds want to know:~)

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