IWSG and Winners . . .

Okay, before I get to my IWSG post, I’ll go ahead and announce the winners from last week’s contest because I know ya’ll would be scrolling down anyways:) *Pause for virtual drumroll*

Robin Weeks— winner of query or 2 page synopsis critique by author Jaime Rush!


Tuere Morton–winner of Jaime Rush’s new book, Darkness Becomes Her

Robin, please email me your pages as an attachment to info@jamieayres.com and I’ll forward it to the other Jaime:) Tuere, please email me your address to claim your prize. Muchos gracias to all who participated. Don’t forget to buy Jaime’s book . . .only $4.99 for the Kindle edition (I’m enjoying mine!)

Now it’s the first Wednesday of the month so you know what time it is– Alex J. Cavanaugh’s . . .

This month I’m feeling that Catch 22 scenario because I just received my 4th request for my manuscript, 18 Things. It was a partial request that quickly turned into a full request so I’m psyched about that. I also feel like since I’m finally generating some interest I should go ahead and plot out/write the sequel. Since I finished writing 18 Things in February I’ve focused on writing another novel because I figured I’d be crushed (metaphorically speaking, of course) if nobody wanted 18 Things. This way if all the editors said (the following response I cut & pasted from an actual response, but from an agent):  “I like so much about this, and I especially like your writing. But here is my main concern: what about this book makes it marketable? What makes it a bestseller? YA is so incredibly tight right now, editors keep bemoaning that anything they take on must be ‘break-out big’ and while I think this book is great, I’m not sure how to pitch it to make it compete with the bestselling books already on the shelves. Do you  have anything else to show me?”

So yeah, anyways, if I got that same reaction from an editor I could answer, “Yep! Here it is!”

But now I’m feeling 18 Things may just see the light of day (really hoping to share gOOd nEWs soon) so it’s time to write the sequel. I sat down after church on Sunday and pretty much just vomited up 15 pgs for the first chapter. Once I got the feeling for how I wanted this story to continue, I knew I had to force myself to plot, which I hate almost as much as revisions. You see, I’m a pantser (I feel like there should be a separate support group for that . . . anyone know of one?). Maybe you’re a pantser too but want to travel down that recovery road with me. Well, welcome to step 1 my friend . . . the


Come on, click it. I tripe dog dare ya:):):)

Alrighty then . . .back to torture plotting for me. If you have any helpful plot tools, please share with us!

~Until next Wednesday, HaPPy*WRitiNG/rEAding!!

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22 comments on “IWSG and Winners . . .

  1. Squeeee!!! Can I tell you, I almost NEVER win anything!! But this year is feeling like the year for accomplishments 😉 Thank you so much!! I’m looking forward to reading 🙂

  2. Heh, heh, heh… I can’t resist a triple dog dare.
    Gets me in trouble every time…
    cause I think this may just be the magic ingredient to
    get me back working on my manuscript.
    (Looks like I’m a winner too.) Congrats to Tuere and Robin also!

  3. Congrats on the full request… well done:) That’s so exciting, and i hope you hear some good news soon.

  4. Thanks all! I wanted my blogger buddies to be the FIRST to know! I just received an offer for publication! THIS. Is. REALLy. haPPeniNG!!! Somebody pinch me:) 3 yrs of hard work is finally paying off! AHHHHHHHHHH! I haven’t accepted yet b/c I need to tell the other 3 editors that have it as a courtesy and let them respond. I hope to tell you the exclusive story soon:) ~Cheers everyone! I hope this gives you hope if you’re querying! If I can do it, you can too!!

  5. Jamie, I’m so happy for you. Wow, three years of work. You deserve this experience. Congratulations and I hope it IS a best seller.

  6. Awesome plotting table, I’ve downloaded it to use with my WIP. Have fun with the plotting, I always begin with a barnstorm session of just listing 30-40 things that ‘could’ happen in the story. I do it in dot points and don’t worry if some ideas are crazy, I don’t have to use them all. Have fun with it!

  7. I was in exactly the same place you are. I was outlining for my next book, unrelated to my first, when I got an offer, and they wanted to know about a sequel, so I dropped the other one and started in on book 2. But without that offer, I don’t think I would have. Now I’m glad because I want to ride whatever momentum I have after the first one is released.

  8. That’s great! Hoping for the best for you! And I say we should never completely give up on any story, altho we should know when to set it aside for awhile. 🙂

  9. Even if the request did urge you to break out of your pantser habits (another recovering pantser here–I feel your pain), the reason is so awesome…. Congrats, Jamie. It’s a competitive market, and you’re making a space for yourself in it. 😉

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